Dr. Wiebke Schick


Postdoctoral Researcher/Lecturer
Institute for Geoinformatics,
University of Muenster, Germany

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I am a researcher and lecturer in spatial cognition.

My background is interdisciplinary and diverse: I received a Magister Artium with the subjects general rhetorics, newer english literature, and psychology, and was then a PhD student at a Graduate Training Center of Neuroscience. Now I am a postdoc in geoinformatics. I use approaches and methods from the fields of linguistics, cognitive sciences and psychology to investigate the communication of spatial information as well as their acquisition and storage.Also, I am interested in communicating science to a broad audience: I am available for scientific talks and regularly participate at science slams since 2015.

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Wayfinding Through Orientation

Traditional wayfinding devices use turn-by-turn instructions such as ‘turn left’ or ‘continue for 300 m’. These are easy to follow but leave us disoriented. They don’t correspond to how we would describe any route to other people. Can different types of navigation instructions help us learn the environment while we navigate?

WayTO Project

We designed a new type of navigation instructions and demonstrated that they improve what people learn about the broader enviornment (e.g., the entire city), without sacrificing their understanding of the current route.

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